Marca: JVC
Modelo: TM910SU
Descripcion: Monitor de video
Rack mountable (two units side-by-side)
NTSC/PAL capability
Universal power input (100~230V AC, 12V DC)
300 line horizontal resolution
High quality comb filter
Underscan, Blue Check, Pulse Cross, Color Off
2 video inputs, Y/C input
Selectable aspect ration (4:3, 16:9)
Tally lamp
Rugged metal cabinet

Marca: JVC
Modelo: BMH1300SU
Descripcion: Monitor de video
SMPTE-C Phosphors
750 Lines of Horizontal Resolution
Multi-Format – 4:3 to 16:9
On-screen Menu -Wireless Remote
Composite signals (2 channels, BNC)
Y/C (DIN 4pin) RGB Analog (BNC)
Component (D-9/Betacam/MII, BNC common to RGB)
Selectable color temperature (6500°K/9300°K)
Professional functions (Blue Check/Color Off/Pulse Cross/Under-scan)

Marca: JVC
Modelo: TMA13SU
Descripcion: Monitor de video
NTSC/PAL compatibility
CPU control
2 BNC video IN
comb filter
menu setup
3 prong AC
Two audio inputs w/speaker
Y/C input

Marca: SONY
Modelo: PVM9042QM
Descripcion: Monitor de video

Marca: SONY
Modelo: PVM14M2
Descripcion: Monitor de video